Letter Name Generator

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Letter generator software automates the creation and distribution of all types of customer documents such as letters, correspondence, policies, agreements, statements, explanation of benefits and other forms of personalized documentation. This software is helpful for facilitating brand consistency, reducing errors and improving standardization, simplifying the document generation process.

Text generator software designed by iMago Products provides an open integration to your data and other business applications such as existing CRM, ERP, ECM and legacy systems. Letter generator software applies business rules and merges customer data, paragraphs and images into documents according to the template design. This letter name generator software is really helpful for generating professional letters. This software is included in sales management systems for reaching the desired sales target.

Text generator software designed by iMago Products empower the business users to easily compose and deliver the relevant customer communications. This software provides a stable and secure platform for critical and professional applications. Contact iMago Products for generating quality content for your business website.