At the Super Admin level, multiple subscribers can be added to the system, and their activities can be monitored. There are certain functions available only at the Super Admin level. The Super Admin features follow:

  • Add/Edit/View Users
  • Add/Edit Territory
  • Add/Edit Zip Codes
  • Assign Territory to Zip Code
  • Add/Edit State
  • Add/Edit Folders
  • Add/Edit Referral Type
  • Add/Edit Type of Loss
  • Compose Mail
  • Add/Edit Master Region
  • Add/Edit State Region
  • Add/Edit Invoice Item
  • Add/Edit Terms
  • View/Generate Letter Templates
  • Generate Letters from Letter Templates
  • View Data Items Cost Categories
  • Copy Data Item Favorites
  • Add Data Item Favorites
  • View/Edit Room Category
  • View/Edit Room Master Categories
  • Add/Edit Dimensions


At the Corporate level, users can be added and company profile information can be inputted and edited. The list of company data items can be created, reviewed and edited. The Company features follow:

  • Homepage
    • Alert Messages
    • Scheduler
    • Appointments
    • To Do List
    • New Clients assigned to users
  • Overall Company Information
    • Manage Subscriptions
    • Assign Territory
    • Add Users
    • Manage Users
    • Manage Clients
  • Upload/Manage/View Documents
  • Manage Vendor Company Information
  • Manage Association Company Information
  • Manage Service Company Information
  • Add/Edit Referral Types and Referrals
  • Add/Edit Types of Loss
  • Send/Edit Alert Messages within the company
  • View/Edit the Communication Log Master
  • View/Edit Action Master
  • Assign rates to Action Master
  • Assign users to Action Master


At the Individual User level, daily operational functions can be performed and tracked. The Individual User features follow:

  • Search for clients
    • Create Client Profile
    • Client General Information
  • Upload/View Client-related Documents
  • View/Edit Estimate (Depending on Industry Type)
  • View/Edit Communication Log
  • View/Generate Client Letters
  • Record/Track all Client-related services provided
  • Create Client Invoices
  • View Commissions
  • Download the desktop application
  • Copy Favorites (data items) from other users
  • Edit Favorites